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The Hudson County Genealogical & Historical Society Aims to Save Hudson County Monuments Through Photography

On-line Pictorial Catalog Launches with a Feature on Columbus Monuments

OCTOBER 11, 2011 -- JERSEY CITY, NJ -- The Hudson County Genealogical & Historical Society, one of the only genealogy and family history groups focused entirely on the study of Hudson County, New Jersey, is pleased to announce “Hail Columbus” — a preview of the Society’s preservation initiative to catalog the monuments, statues, plaques and other historical markers in Hudson County through digital photography.

The collection will expand as volunteers travel to the towns of Hudson County to photograph public monuments that The Hudson County Genealogical & Historical Society will catalog and post on its website for free access. With plans to include all available monuments in the public spaces of Hudson County, the project could be valuable to historians and genealogists alike:

Bob Murgittroyd, past president and a founding member of the Society, states “Too many of the monuments erected in the County in past years have gradually disappeared, been damaged, moved from their original locations or are unknown to the general public. The goal of this all-volunteer project is to create a pictorial library, available online to the public, which documents and preserves these monuments as part of the rich history of the municipalities of Hudson County.”

Current project coordinator, Jim McCarthy, added, “More important to the genealogist and those researching family history is the fact that many of the monuments contain the names of individuals who participated in the event being commemorated. Without preserving these monuments, the names of those individuals may be lost to us all.”

To view the “Hail Columbus” images visit: HudsonCountyNJGenealogy.org/monuments-columbus

Anyone who is interested in preserving the history of their town and would like to participate in the project may contact Jim McCarthy via email at: projectsHCM@HudsonCountyNJGenealogy.org

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About the Hudson County Genealogical & Historical Society

The Hudson County Genealogical Society, a 501 (c)(3) New Jersey Non Profit Corporation, was formed in October 2007 to promote the study of genealogy and the history of Hudson County. The goal of the society is to collect, preserve and index this information in cooperation with local libraries and internet resources, to encourage adherence to the highest standards of research and documentation, to offer educational programs such as lectures, seminars and workshops and to promote the observance of Family History month.

For more information:
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