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The Jersey Journal Obituary Project

Guidelines for Entering Data into Obit Index

Due to the fact that dozens of volunteers, largely high school students, have worked on these databases, we have had to set up guidelines. Without them, interfiling each volunteer’s contribution results in a problem in which data sorting is impossible without converting each entry into a uniform style. For instance, if one volunteer uses 9/4 for Sep 4 and another uses 09/04, sorting by date will be skewed. Leaving a space out between the first and last names results in the alphabetical order being out of order. Please try to follow the guidelines since it will make interfiling into the Master Obit File easy.

Download the data entry template (Microsoft Exel)

Name of Deceased

  1. Enter last name first, comma, space, first name.
  2. If there is some kind of title e.g., Private First Class (PFC), Junior, Senior, etc. please place it AFTER the FULL name so that the name list stays in accurate alphabetical order. See Item # 3 in your sample.
  3. If there is a nickname, place it in parenthesis after the given name.
  4. If the photocopy is too blurry/dark/ etc. to be clearly legible, do the best you can. If you are very unsure, you may put a question mark.
  5. If there are memorials for people who died in previous years, please include them as well.


  1. If the Age is given, record it – many are not.
  2. If the person you are working on died after the Social Security Death Index was created, you may look that person up at http://www.familytreelegends.com/records/ssdi/search to get the age at death and put an asterisk after it to indicate that the age was found online, not in the newspaper.

Date/Death (Date of Death)

  1. Record the date of the death. If it says, for example, last Tuesday and the date of the newspaper is June 12, 1928, consult a perpetual calendar such as the one at Perpetual Calendars. You can easily see that the previous Tuesday is June 12.

Date/Death (Date of Death)

  1. Please record the month of death by writing out the name of the month. Abbreviate Jan, Feb, Sep, Oct, Nov, and Dec.
  2. In order to be able to put the date in a month, then day format, Click Format, then click Cells, then select Number, then Text, and finally OK. You can do hundreds of cells in the column at once.


  1. N indicates a Notice (person’s name, day of death, immediate relative/s, funeral arrangements)
  2. O indicates an Obituary (above info plus something about the person’s life, e.g., where they worked, club membership, etc.)
  3. A indicates an Article (when the death was by unnatural means – murder, accident, etc. or was of an especially prominent citizen)
  4. You can use two or three if warranted in the same cell, separated by commas.
  5. Mem indicates a memorial notice at some year after the year of death.

Maiden Name

  1. If the woman’s maiden name is given (either in parenthesis or following the term nee), list it in this column.
  2. Any highly unusual item can be placed in this column such as it being a second interment.


  1. JJ used for both the Evening Journal & the Jersey Journal. (Name change but same paper.)
  2. O used for both the Hudson Observer and the Jersey Observer
  3. HD used for the Hudson Dispatch
  4. Argus used for the Argus
  5. JCN used for the Jersey City News

Date/Paper (Date in Paper)

  1. Enter the date the notice/obit appeared in the newspaper.


  1. Enter page number if it is available.

Thank You !!!!

To learn more or to get involved in the project contact projects@HudsonCountyNJGenealogy.org