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Thanks to the following volunteers who have donated their time or data to the project:



Holy Name Cemetery Burial Index Project

Guidelines for Entering Data into the Index

Due to the fact that many volunteers will be working on the database we have had to set up guidelines. Without them, interfiling each volunteer’s contribution results in problems in which data sorting is impossible without converting each entry into a uniform style. For instance, if one volunteer uses 9/4 for Sept. 4 and another uses 09/04, sorting by date will be skewed. Leaving a space out between the first and last names results in the alphabetical order being out of order. Please try to follow the guidelines since it will make interfiling into the database easier and faster.

Download the data entry template (Microsoft Excel - right click and select "Save Source as...")

Download the Instructions below as text file (.TXT)

Name of Deceased

  1. If films do not have certain information listed (such age in mos, days or hours), leave the field blank
  2. Enter Burial date in format month/day in one field using numbers only separated by a forward slash. In the Year field enter the numeric 4-digit year of burial
  3. There are sample entries in the Excel template. Please delete or type over them when you begin your entry
  4. Please enter the FHL film number the data came from after the entry. If you are entering multiple persons from one film, just enter it after the first person and when you are finished highlight all the cells in that column (including the first one with the FHL number you entered), go to Excel's EDIT menu, select FILL and DOWN and it will copy the same FHL number into all the selected cells
  5. When complete please change the name of the template file to "HNC_SURNAME.xls", replacing SURNAME with the surname you were entering. Use only one template per unique surname
  6. Email the completed Excel template to project manager Adelaide Ward at projectshnc@HudsonCountyNJGenealogy.org

Thank You !!!!

To learn more or to get involved in other projects contact projects@HudsonCountyNJGenealogy.org

Surnames Needed

View the list of surnames that have already been indexed and posted. If you don't see a surname there and have some data to share, please contact projectshnc@HudsonCountyNJGenealogy.org

Frequently Asked Questions

I Don't Have Excel. Can I Still Help?

Yes! While Excel is the file format we need for our final files data there are a several ways around it if you don't own Microsoft Office.

1. On a Windows PC: Download our HNC index template, save it to My Documents and then access it through Microsoft Spreadsheets. This is how some of our memberss use it. Just be sure to save out your work in the Excel format (.xls)

2. On a Macintosh PC: If you own a copy of AppleWorks or iWork, the spreadsheet program as part of the software suite can import and save Microsoft Excel (.xls) format files

3. On a Macintosh or Windows PC: if you'd like a full suite of programs like Microsoft Office for free try the Open Office Suite. Among word processing and other tools they have a program called Calc that is just like Excel and can open and save in Excel (.xls) format. You can download a version specific to your computer. Here are the system requirements for Open Office